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Case of the Missing Necklace – Part 4

After a short run a distance which seemed more like a skip in a park to an energetic pup and a personal training workout for a small squirrel that hasn’t had her afternoon nap, Darling and Penelope approached an unassuming building. There was no elaborate...

Case of the Missing Necklace – Part 3

Paw to floor, paw to floor, paw to floor, paw to floor. Darling, the vibrant young pup, galloped through the streets with determination. Paw to floor…Paw…to the floor…a slower paced but just as ambitious squirrel tries to keep up. “Slow down,...

Case of the Missing Necklace – Part 2

As Darling lead Penelope to retrace her activities of the day, her nails sharp, her fur so shiny it almost mirrored her surroundings and curls that would make a gymnastic ribbon blowing in the wind jealous, hides the frantic and worried inner feelings of the...

Book Review

Doc’s story reads smoothly hitting all the right notes like a well-scripted film.
– Daniel Casey, author and book reviewer